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How to Update Your PowerPoint File’s Design

How to Update Your PowerPoint File’s Design

My consultant friend once had a nightmare. All his slides had textboxes for Titles. No Title Placeholders. When he changed the design of his PPT file, all titles went crazy. Different colors, sizes, and places!!

Now he uses auxi, and sleeps peacefully. 😴

• If your title is in a textbox, not in a Title Placeholder, Fix Slide Title using the Smart Bar.

⤷ This command catches the text inside the closest textbox to the Title Placeholder in the Layout and places it in a placeholder.

Fix Slide Title

Sometimes, the longer you look at your slides, the harder it gets to fix the design. For this, we came up with a set of features that help you update your PowerPoint file’s design with straightforward and simple clicks.

auxi is here to make easy and simple PowerPoint commands at your fingertips!

If you have a gantt chart in the opposite way, it comes across as unprofessional and unreadable. Instead of spending hours flipping everything, auxi can do it instantly! This feature supports all types of charts, frameworks and even third party add-in charts.

We got you covered. 😎

• Select the Flip Slide Content command through the Smart Bar, then click on Flip.

⤷ Your slide now has the correct direction without spending forever trying to fix it!

Flip Slide Content

Agendas help keep main titles in check, they are pretty cool.
What is not cool however is updating 20 agenda slides if you forgot to add a sub-chapter. 🙂
Not cool at all. 🙃

• Look up Agenda through the Smart Bar.
• You can add chapters and subchapters.
• You can also drag and drop slides, a selection of slides or chapters and their children all together.

⤷ You can use the agenda feature to edit your deck’s agenda slides in one place. Press update slides, et voila!


Updating agenda slides’ design sounds like a punishment more than a normal task. Imagine the time it’ll take to change the fill and outline colors of all items in each agenda slide, for 25 agenda slides.. Add to that changing sizes and font types, and your day is gone. ⌛️

Fortunately, we thought of a feature that’ll help you do all that to all slides at the same time!

• Look up Agenda Settings in the Smart Bar.
• You can change all colors, fonts, sizes, positions and other characteristics in one place.
• Now if you like these settings so much that you want to save them and use them in the future, you can literally do that!
• Press on the refresh button for a preview of how your new agenda slide will look like and press on update slides if ready to apply the changes.
• Also, if you want your agenda settings to follow the layout of another slide in your presentation, you can right click on any slide and press on Set As Agenda Layout.

⤷ Any change you make in the settings will be applied to all agenda slides when you click on Update!

Agenda Settings

Don’t you just hate it when you change the layout of a slide into one of a different theme, and colors turn so weird and inconsistent? Well, that’s because the colors of your original slide don’t belong to the main theme colors of your presentation!

Now are you really going to check each item’s color, one by one?? I don’t think that’s a good idea, but we have a pretty good one:

• Hit Q on your keyboard. The auxi add-in will automatically change all your slide colors into theme colors.
• You can also use the Smart Bar to find Fix Slide Colors.

⤷ Now you’re sure that your slide colors follow the theme without having to check by yourself.

Fix Slide Colors

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