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auxi Tuesday Tips #4

This should reduce your work a quarter and make your workday shorter!

Shall I repeat the Golden Rule? You can open the Smart Bar by hitting CTRL + SPACE?

Ok ok, let’s get started!

1. Adjust Angle.

  • Select the anchor shape first, the shape that has the right angle, then all the other ones that should follow it, then hit A + A to Adjust Angles.

  • You can use the Smart Bar to find it as well.

⤷ Now you can easily adjust shapes' angles. You don’t have to spend long fixing each angle anymore!

2. Align Central.

  • This feature has saved me so much time and will save yours too. Here’s how:

    1. Select your shapes.

    2. Hit A + Z to Align Central.

    3. You can also find Align Central in the Smart Bar.

    4. Decrease or increase the radius as you wish.

⤷ Aligning in a central form has never been easier!

3. Edit Font Families.

  • Search for Edit Font Families in the Smart Bar.

  • Select the fonts you would like to change, then choose the new font family that will be replacing them. Easy.

⤷ You don’t have to miss family time anymore; you can edit your deck’s font types in bulk!

4. Email Slides.

  • Select the slides you are interested in, then search for Email Slides in the Smart Bar or the auxi ribbon.

  • You can also start this command by hitting [ on your keyboard.

  • After that, choose between PDF and PPT format to get your slides ready to send.

⤷ This will be extremely helpful when you want to share specific slides only from your presentation.

5. The Checker.

  • Find the Checker using the Smart Bar.

  • It checks for double words, multiple spaces, comments, out of scope elements etc., then allows you to delete them all in one go or one by one if you prefer.

⤷ Voila! Your deck’s now ready to be sent to someone important, auxi’s add-in checked it for you with some simple clicks!


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