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auxi Tuesday Tips #6

We’re here for our weekly Tips!

1. Smart Bar.

  • You can open up the Smart Bar by pressing on CTRL + SPACE.

  • Search for hundreds of formatting functions.

  • On the right side of each function you can notice little characters. These are the keyboard shortcuts for each of these functions.

⤷ We love using our keyboard and thought you would too! Give it a look!

2. Alignments.

  • Use these shortcuts to run these commands faster:

  • A + L for Align Left

  • A + T for Align Top

  • A + B for Align Bottom

  • A + R for Align Right

  • You can use the Smart Bar to do these as well so you can use the follow-up functions after each.

  • The anchor shape concept here applies. Select the shape you want the rest to follow first.

⤷ Now you can run these commands like playing the piano! 🎹

3. Agenda.

  • Look up Agenda through the Smart Bar.

  • You can add chapters and subchapters.

  • You can also drag and drop slides, a selection of slides or chapters and their children all together.

⤷ You can use the agenda feature to edit your deck’s agenda slides in one place. Press update slides, et voila!

4. Agenda Settings.

  • Look up Agenda Settings in the Smart Bar.

  • You can change all colors, fonts, sizes, positions and other characteristics in one place.

  • Now if you like these settings so much that you want to save them and use them in the future, you can literally do that!

  • Press on the refresh button for a preview of how your new agenda slide will look like and press on update slides if ready to apply the changes.

  • Also, if you want your agenda settings to follow the layout of another slide in your presentation, you can right click on any slide and press on Set As Agenda Layout.

⤷ Any change you make in the settings will be applied to all agenda slides when you click on Update!

5. Stamp.

  • You can find the Stamp through the Smart Bar or using the auxi Ribbon.

  • It allows you to choose default stamps or just type in your own.

⤷ Now you can help your colleagues easily understand what type of slide they’re looking at!


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