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Some auxi Features

Smart. And MENA proud.

AI Recommendations

AI Recommendations autocompletes your slide’s design and formatting. auxi’s proprietary machine learning model will show design suggestions on the right side of your slide. Once you click on a suggestion, auxi automatically populates your content in the chosen design layout, making your skeleton slide client ready in one click. 

AI Editing Functions

If you would like to add items to an already nicely built slide, you can use add column, add row and key takeaways. auxi will add a new contextual item, and update all the other elements on the slide for you.

Flip AI Editing Direction

With this function, auxi's AI editing capabilities can be adjusted to cater to languages and layouts that follow a right-to-left orientation. Whether it's Arabic, Hebrew, or any other RTL language, auxi's proprietary machine learning model intelligently adapts the design suggestions and content layout to maintain consistency and coherence.


Unlike any other translation solution in the market, auxi takes your content's direction into account during the process. Whether it's a chart, table, or anything in between, our translation feature ensures precise content translation while maintaining the appropriate direction, all tailored to your chosen language. 

Flip slide direction

Instantly transform unprofessional and unreadable charts with ease. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual flipping! Effortlessly flip the direction of any slide content with our powerful feature. Whether it's standard chart types, frameworks, or third-party add-in charts, this feature supports them all!

Force English in Smart Bar

Say goodbye to the hassle of language conversions while using the Smart Bar. With this functionality, you can now have your keyboard set to any language you prefer, and yet, the Smart Bar will automatically switch to English if you have this feature enabled. No language barriers, just pure productivity!

Edit Colors

Customize slide colors effortlessly! This feature empowers you to change colors within a single slide, a range of slides, or your entire presentation in just a few clicks. Say hello to seamless and bulk color editing!

Edit Regular & Arabic Fonts

With auxi, you hold the reins to typography. This feature allows you to easily customize fonts across individual slides, slide ranges, or your entire presentation with a simple click. Empower your message with stunning fonts!

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