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How to Edit PPT Slides’ Content Like a Pro

How to Edit PPT Slides’ Content Like a Pro

If it were up to me, I would choose to become a supermodel 💅, but I don’t have time to go to the gym this much, and would need to stick to a strict diet.. And let me tell you, I love me a good pizza before bed.

For shapes however, they can copy each other and become whatever they want to be! A rectangle might want to become a triangle. A circle might want to become a parallelogram!

• Select your items then hit X + T to copy the shape type of one item to one or several others. The first shape you choose is the anchor – meaning that the remaining selected shapes will follow the first shape selected.
• You can also select your shapes then open auxi’s Smart Bar and type in ‘Copy Shape Type’.

⤷ Your oval is finally embracing its inner rebel and taking a nice walk on the edgy side of slides as a rectangle!

Copy Shape Type.

If you’re a PowerPoint hyper-user, you definitely need to learn any tip that can save your time creating and editing slides. auxi allows you to edit slides twice as fast as before. In addition to our state of the art features, we have redesigned the most used PowerPoint functions from the ground up to enhance productivity, speed and usability.

Here are some features you can use to edit your slides like a pro!

Swapping shapes can easily be one big mess. Cut, copy, paste as, bla bla bla. Also, what if you want to only swap the text content and keep the shapes? That would be even messier.

But, don’t worry, Super auxi is here, and it got you covered! 😎

• Select 2 shapes you would like to swap, then hit / on your keyboard.
• If you want to only swap the text content inside the shapes or textboxes, then hit CTRL + / to swap texts.
• You can also use the Smart Bar for both functions by typing in ‘Swap Shapes’ and ‘Swap Text’.

⤷ Everyone’s settled in their right place. You can peacefully sleep now.

Swap Shapes and Text.

You’re working fast and you barely have time, then you find yourself in front of several text boxes that should be merged into one paragraph. What are you about to do? Copy each sentence and paste them one after the other in the new big textbox? 😩

Not anymore.

• Select all the textboxes you need, starting with the one you want on top, then ‘Merge Textboxes’ through the Smart Bar, or just hit . + T on your keyboard.
• You can also split textboxes by placing the cursor where you want them to part ways, then type ‘Split Textbox’ in the Smart Bar.

⤷ Show us your matchmaking skills, or let your new textboxes enjoy the single life!

Merge and Split Textboxes.

Editing slides often comes at the expense of your absolute pain and struggle. I know I know… I mean imagine having to manually change shape size to make them look like a particular shape. That would take more minutes than it’s worth!

Fortunately, auxi offers the “Make Same” feature. More about it below 👇

• Resize items to have the same height, width, or both.
- S + S for Make Same Size
- S + H for Make Same Height
- S + W for Make Same Width
• You can use the Smart Bar to find the above commands as well.
• The anchor shape concept applies here - select first the shape that has the size you like, then select the remaining ones to follow.

⤷ Voila! All shapes will be resized to the anchor’s width and/or height. ↔️ ↕️

Make Same Size, Width, and Height.

PowerPoint’s connecting features aren’t the most user-friendly out there.. The arrows keep flying around the slide and it would consume a lot of your time to insert connectors for a flowchart! 😩

So, we built Connections all over again to rid you of all this pain!

• Select any 2 shapes, open the Smart Bar and find ‘Connect’ to connect both items with the best connector and points for the job.
• If you want to swap the direction of the connector, you can also select the connected shapes, and find ‘Swap Ends’ on the Smart Bar.
• If you want to change the route of the connector, open the Smart Bar again, and use ‘Reroute Connectors’.

⤷ No more frustration or wasting your precious time! 😌


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