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auxi Enterprise

Productivity on an Enterprise Level

AI & TB Recommendations

Your team will get design recommendations based on your firm's designs and practices. The data pool will be previously built slides from your team that we collect, obfuscate and train our machine learning models on.

Sketch to PowerPoint

Sketch to PowerPoint is available on enterprise licenses. Your team will receive an iOS app invite or have an add-in integration for this function when you include it in your plan.

IT & Security Assessments 

SSO. GDPR. HIPAA. All the acronyms and IT assessments the Enterprise needs to implement. We also provide custom deployments to suit your compliance needs. 

Onboarding and Training 

Your auxi success manager will run a series of onboarding calls to train your team on auxi and answer all questions. 

Special Projects and Custom Features

Going through a rebrand and want to update all firm's slides? Want a button to make all icons brand compliant? Anything in between and we got you covered. The auxi Enterprise plan allows our team to handle your enterprise's unique needs. 

VIP account management

You will be talking to a human, who's mission is to make you succeed. Flexible payment plans, and premium technical, billing and compliance support. 

All the Features + All the Security


Meanwhile, if you are not a fan of long IT adventures, you can make your team happy with auxi Pro here.

Need help with account issues including billing, renewals, or cancellations? Contact Support directly.

We have been a secret lover to world's best teams of analysts and visual graphic designers. No trust issues.

Not ready for Enterprise? Try auxi Pro

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Tech Partners

auxi's products rely on the GOATs of security and reliability, to ensure data compliance, manage accessibility and optimize readiness.

BETA Partners

auxi's products grew up around teams in more than 80 companies through our accelerate beta program. auxi's machine learning models have built more than 1,000,000 slides so far for teams in 6 of the top 10 consulting firms. (According to 

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