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The Smart Bar

Using the mouse is so cliche. Use CTRL + SPACE to use hundreds of formatting functions in one place: Your keyboard. In addition to providing a better user experience, the bar uses machine learning to suggest editing functions based on your content, selection and editing activity. 


Building slides will never feel the same.


The Smartest PowerPoint Add-In Ever

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AI Recommendations

AI Recommendations autocompletes your slide’s design and formatting. auxi’s proprietary machine learning model will show design suggestions on the right side of your slide. Once you click on a suggestion, auxi automatically populates your content in the chosen design layout, making your skeleton slide client ready in one click. 


Add content to slide + AI Recommendations = Done.

TB Recommendations

Type-based recommendations is a design recommendation system that takes into account your search query. Here is an example. Let’s say you have the content on your slide and you want to use a template that has 3 images, 4 icons and 3 team members. You can write these in your search, and get design suggestions that fit your content. Once you click on a suggestion, it automatically fills in your content in the chosen design. 


Add content to slide + Search for ‘team slide with 5 images and 3 textboxes’ = Done.

Sketch to PowerPoint

Whether you sketched your slide by hand, or found the picture of a framework you would like to use, sketch to PowerPoint generates it as a slide. Sketch to PowerPoint is available as a PowerPoint add-in or an iOS app for enterprise licenses. 


Transform your handwritten sketch into a PowerPoint slide.

AI Editing Functions

If you would like to add items to an already nicely built slide, you can use add row, add columns and key takeaways. auxi will add a new contextual item, and update all the other elements on the slide for you.

Add a team member to your favorite team slide, without having to reorganize all the other elements. 

The Checker

Make sure your deck is compliant and client ready. The checker highlights inconsistencies such as duplicates, empty textboxes, comments, notes and many others... and gives you the ability to clean them all in one click or edit them one by one. 


Review a 120 slide deck for compliance in one click. Fix inconsistencies in another click. Done.

Alignment and Space

In addition to our state of the art features, we have redesigned the most used PowerPoint functions from the ground up to enhance productivity, speed and usability. You can use our anchor shape concept to have more freedom in editing shapes in bulk or our prebuilt alignment functions like process flow, matrix, etc… 


Aligning, resizing, and distributing shapes is quicker and easier than ever.

Agenda Maker

Create and maintain your agenda in one place, and have auxi update your deck accordingly. Whether you want to add a chapter, change the design, swap subchapters or move slides to another section, you can use auxi’s agenda. After making changes, press apply and all affected slides will be updated in one click. 


Edit your agenda slides in one place, without having to repeat your changes for each chapter slide.

auxi’s translation is the first on the market translation that takes into account the direction of your content in the process. Whether it is a chart, table or anything in between, the content will be translated and the direction updated according to the language you choose. 


Translate your entire deck in one click, without worrying about your gantt chart or content’s direction. Learn more.

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