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Ever felt the need for the perfect icon to elevate your presentation?

Enter auxi's Icons Feature—a treasure trove of a million icons at your fingertips! 🎨

Just press 'I' on your keyboard or type 'Icons' into the Smart Bar, and voila! The Icons Pane unveils a world of possibilities.

🔍 Icon Search: No need to scour the internet for that specific icon. Simply type what you're looking for, and auxi delivers. Whether it's a tech symbol or a creative flourish, your perfect icon is just a keystroke away.

🔄 Quick Enclosure: Need to enclose your icons swiftly? Press 'E' on your keyboard or type 'Enclose Icons' in the Smart Bar. Need a pop of color? Press 'E' again and the enclosing circle will get an instant fill color, adapting to your creative vision effortlessly.

🔄 Smart Icon Change: Choose an icon, then type 'Change Icons' in the Smart Bar. Watch as auxi smartly switches it to another icon from the same search group, maintaining coherence and saving you design time.

💡 Pro Tip: Customize your icons further by choosing fill colors, exploring variations, and creating eye-catching visual elements for your slides.

🔎 Try out our icons and hundreds of other features by starting your FREE TRIAL now at Unleash creativity, simplify your design process, and make every presentation visually stunning!



Keyboard Shortcut: I

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auxi academy

auxi Translate: Breaking Language Barriers with Multilingual Capabilities.

Effortlessly translate presentations into 50 languages and flip slide directions with auxi—preserving the visual integrity of charts, frameworks, etc.

auxi academy

auxi Icons: Unlocking Creative Possibilities for Visually Stunning Presentations.

Easily access a million icons by just pressing 'I' on your keyboard. Customize your icons, enclose them, and even switch to related icons from the same group in a click!

auxi academy

Transformative auxi Features: Elevating PowerPoint Presentations’ Editing. 

Discover the ease of merging textboxes with a click, splitting them at your cursor's placement, and achieving design consistency with Copy-Paste Formatting.

auxi academy

auxi’s Colors and Fonts Features: Advancing Design and Brand Consistency.

Unlock effortless color alignment and bulk font edits with auxi's intuitive features, revolutionizing your PowerPoint design experience.

auxi academy

Agenda Editing - Seamless and Effortless Presentation Organization!

Discover the power to edit all your deck's agenda slides in one place, add chapters and subchapters seamlessly, and customize settings effortlessly.

auxi academy

Multi Selection Mode: Mastering Efficient Editing and Time Management.

Select multiple elements across different slides, and apply any command you desire on all the chosen elements simultaneously.

auxi academy

auxi's Recycling Revolution - Elevating Slide Sharing and Precise Management.

Introducing Email Slides and Save Slides, two game-changing features that streamline selective sharing and recycling within your presentations.

auxi academy

auxi's Checker - Revolutionizing Proofreading for Flawless PowerPoint Presentation. 

Easily eliminate double words, multiple spaces, comments, and out-of-scope elements with auxi's Checker feature. This feature is your go-to perfection tool.

auxi academy

auxi Templates - Illuminating Creativity and Unleashing Stunning Designs.

Discover captivating slides, find the perfect slide for your needs, and customize your chosen template effortlessly to match your unique style and content.

auxi academy

Shape Swapping and Smart Selection: Transforming Your PPT Editing Experience.

Discover easy shape & text swapping with mess-free shortcuts. And select items based on fill/text/margin color, font size, etc. with auxi’s Smart Selection.

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