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Plans & Pricing

Choose a Plan that works for you




Billed at $29.99 per user

auxi Bar

auxi Translate

AI Alignment Functions

The Checker

Agenda Maker

Alignment and Space

Reuse Functions

Design Functions

Cancel Anytime




Billed at $299.99 per user

Everything on Pro monthly

2 FREE Months

Yearly Billing


All AI features, enterprise level security and compliance

Everything on Pro yearly

AI Recommendations

TB Recommendations

IT & Security Assessments 

Dedicated Support

Slide Cloud Storage

Custom Deployment

Custom Projects & Features

Training Workshops

Sketch to Powerpoint

Explore More

auxi Enterprise

General Feature List

AI Editing

The Smartbar

The Checker - Proofreader

AI Change Icon Feature

Split & Merge Textboxes

Align Matrix

Distribution Features

AI Recommendations

Swap, Advanced Swap, Swap Text Features

TB Recommendations

Compress Image Sizes

Save Snippets

Deck Translation (50+ Languages covered)

Custom Checker Rules

One Hit Shortcuts

Edit Fonts

1M+ Icons

Fix Corporate Elements


Sizing Features

Align Process

Transparency Features

Custom Features Development

Save Slides

Flip Slide & Deck Content

Export Slides

Workspace Features

Edit Colors

Custom Sketch to PPT

Fix Slide Colors

Enclose Icons

Adjust Angle

Align Central

Alignment Features

Dedicated Cloud Instances

Copy & Paste Shape Type

Copy & Paste Item Formatting

Share Drive Integration

Fix Slide Title

Smart Mapper

Additional Formatting Features (100+ total)

Edit Margins 

Smart Select Features

Custom Agenda Rules

Multi-Slide selection mode

Smart Resize Slides & Deck

Custom Translation Glossary

Agenda Maker

Super Admin Portal

Smart Resize Selection

Email Slides

DB Integration

Custom Report Automation

Design Update & Revamp Services

auxi Pro

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