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The best PowerPoint add-in for mac

auxi for macOS

auxi macOS PowerPoint add-in

Fly through slides on mac. 🚀

PowerPoint is now more delightful and blazingly fast on macOS.⚡️

The PowerPoint challenge on mac. 🤔

Using macOS has always been a great experience, till you have to build a corporate deck in PowerPoint. 👀

You can now be as productive as your Windows co-workers and between us - no longer have to suffer in order to look more beautiful. 💁🏽‍♀️

auxi makes the PowerPoint mac experience more enjoyable, and definitely much faster. 😎

Tech Partners

auxi's products rely on the GOATs of security and reliability, to ensure data compliance, manage accessibility and optimize readiness.

BETA Partners

auxi's products grew up around teams in more than 80 companies through our accelerate beta program. auxi's machine learning models have built more than 1,000,000 slides so far for teams in 6 of the top 10 consulting firms. (According to 

Get started on auxi macOS today.

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