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AI Editing

Recycling slides is easier than ever! You can add elements to your slide without having to spend 10min redistributing, resizing, re-aligning everything else. Use add / delete rows, columns and key takeaways like a pro. 

Smart Alignment

Organize items on your slide in no time. Use Align Matrix, Align Central, Align Process as well as more than 15 distribution and alignment options! 

The Smart Bar

One command bar for everything, hosting more than 100+ formatting functions. The Smart Bar is called Smart for reason. Based on your selection it recommends features you might be looking for! 


auxi is not all about AI. Sometimes simple things make life easy. You don't have to hit CTRL, SHIFT - 5 to Align Left. Align Left is A + L on your keyboard! Yes. One hit keyboard shortcuts. In most cases it is the first character of each word. 

The Fastest Slide

Experience Ever Made

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Features & Plans

To each their plan

Everything on Pro

AI Recommendations

TB Recommendations

Custom Checker


Fix Corporate Elements

Custom Agenda Rules

Custom Features Development

Custom Translation Glossary

Custom Skecth to PPT

Super Admin Portal

Dedicated Cloud Instances

Share Drive Integration

DB Integration

Custom Report Automation

Design Update & Revamp Services

auxi Enterprise

AI Editing

One Hit Shortcuts

Edit Colors

The Smart Bar

Edit Fonts

Agenda Maker

The Checker - Proofreader

1M+ Icons

Fix Slide Colors

AI Change Icon Feature

Multi-Slide selection mode

Enclose Icons

Split & Merge Textboxes


Adjust Angle

Align Matrix

Sizing Features

Align Central

Distribution Features

Align Process

Alignment Features

Swap, Advanced Swap, Swap Text Features

Transparency Features

Smart Resize Selection

Edit Margins 

Smart Resize Slides & Deck

Copy & Paste Shape Type

Compress Image Sizes

Save Slides

Copy & Paste Item Formatting

Save Snippets

Flip Slide & Deck Content