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Top 11 PowerPoint Hacks for Consultants

Stop feeling frustrated if a 1min slide is taking 5. I got your back with the best PowerPoint time saving hacks.

Hop on board, this is gonna be interesting.

1. Control Drag.

  • Press the Ctrl key on your keyboard, select an object, and drag aside.

⤷ This creates a copy of your selected object.

2. Shift Drag.

  • Press the Shift key on your keyboard, select an object, and drag vertically or horizontally.

⤷ This constrains the movement of the selected object to vertical or horizontal.

3. Combine Hack 1 & 2 for a better result.

  • Control, Shift, & Drag.

⤷ This copies and moves the selected object, constraining the movement to vertical or horizontal.

4. F4

  • To repeat your previous command on another object, select it then press F4.

⤷ This will save you a lot of time especially when you want to fix several objects.

5. Control Shift C – V:

  • It’s true that one can double-click the Format Painter to change the format of multiple objects, however, you still need to select each object you want to change, one by one! To avoid that,

    1. Select the object that’s formatted the way you want and press Ctrl + Shift + C to copy the format.

    2. Select the object you want to paste the formatting to (you can select as many objects as you want at the same time), then press Ctrl + Shift + V.

⤷ Mission accomplished! Now you have the format of choice on all the shapes you want.

Now to make things even easier, here are some time saving features you can use through auxi’s add-in:

6. Add/Delete Rows or Columns.

  • Adding a row can be a pain. You need to make space for it, insert it, then vertically distribute your rows again, and you might even find yourself wanting to horizontally distribute too, for you might have added the row sideways.

  • Here’s the solution.

    1. Select your rows or columns.

    2. Open auxi’s smart bar using Ctrl+Space.

    3. Type in the command you want: Add row/column, Delete row/column.

⤷ Voila! You have a new row/column in quarter the time you needed to add one on your own.

7. Align Central.

  • This feature has saved me so much time and will save yours too.

    1. Select your shapes.

    2. Type Central in the smart bar.

    3. Decrease or increase the radius as you wish.

⤷ This aligns your shapes around a center.

8. Align Process.

  • To align pentagons and chevrons in a chain process form without spending time on manually aligning the shapes and distributing them horizontally, use this:

    1. Insert pentagons and chevrons and place them in the order you want.

    2. Select them, then choose the Align Process command from the auxi tab or smart bar.

⤷ This will give you a perfectly aligned process in no time!

9. Fix Slide Colors.

  • Easy one step thing: Fix your colors with “Fix Slide Colors” in auxi’s smart bar.

⤷ ‘Fix Slide Colors’ changes your slide colors to the theme’s color while making sure the content is readable.

And finally, my all-time fav!

11. Make the Same Size.

  • Resize all selected shapes to the same width and height.

    • Select the shapes you wish to resize. The first selected shape is the anchor.

⤷ All other shapes will be resized to the anchor’s size.


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