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Translate for PowerPoint

Translate Slide Content and Direction

Start Translating slides today with auxi.

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Watch how Rami uses auxi Translate to transform his presentation in a few clicks. 

auxi’s translation is the first on the market translation that takes into account the direction of your content in the process. Whether it is a chart, table or anything in between, the content will be translated and the direction updated according to the language you choose. 


Translate your entire deck in one click, without worrying about your gantt chart or content’s direction. 

auxi Pro Team Trials

We are currently running full team trials, helping management make a more informed decision when it comes to adopting an auxi plan. Your team will love you for it. 

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Translate Content

auxi uses state of the art translation models to change the language of your text from and to more than 50 languages. 

Translate Charts

Charts can be a pain to edit. auxi Translate covers the content of the chart and flips its direction automatically. Any chart that has a direction that matters is covered, including Gantt charts. 

Flip Content Direction

You can choose to keep text as is but flip the content direction alone. Or you can translate and flip at once. No need to spend hours flipping items manually one by one. 

Advanced Settings

You can choose to translate the master slide layouts and directions. You can choose whether you would like to flip icons, images, charts, freeforms etc. Hundreds of settings to select from. 

Super Fast

Translate each slide in a couple of seconds. A 150 slides document in a matter of minutes. Say goodbye to hours of boring work and time waste. 

Technical Wording List

Under Enterprise plans, you can share with us a list of technical or non-technical terms you always want translated in the same form. These keywords will be added to your translation engine so you don't have to replace them each time. 

Translate and Flip In Seconds