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 PowerPoint Shortcuts to Save Your Time

PowerPoint Shortcuts to Save Your Time

Does it seem like life is moving faster by day? Well, if you feel so, it means you have too many tasks and time isn’t serving you at all! This is why, every second matters, and inserting items onto your slide shouldn’t waste your time. So, we brought the items to your fingertips! All you have to do is a couple of clicks to build a whole slide! 🥳

• Use the Insert command to insert any item you want in a click! You can find it in the Smart Bar or through keyboard shortcuts.
• Some examples are:
U : insert rounded rectangle
] : insert chart
P : insert pentagon
C : insert chevron
T : insert text boxes

⤷ Now you can build a full slide with some simple keyboard clicks!

Add Shapes Using auxi Shortcuts

If you're here, it means that PowerPoint is a huge part of your daily work activity. And if you’re creating many slides on a daily basis, you need to hack it up, seeing as you shouldn't waste much time on slide making!

For that, here are some of our best shortcuts that will save you so much time!

Using PowerPoint’s alignment commands could be a complete waste of time, here’s the alternative:

• Use these shortcuts to run the commands in a blink of an eye:
- A + L : Align Left
- A + R : Align Right
• The anchor shape concept here applies. Select the shape you want the rest to follow first.

⤷ Now you can run these commands like playing the piano! 🎹

Align Left and Right

I believe we agreed not to waste time on any PPT functions, so here’s the deal for vertical and horizontal distributions:

• You have a set of rows or columns. Have the first and last rows/columns on the two extremities you want, then select all the rows/columns and press D + V or D + H respectively for each.

⤷ Now your rows and columns are equally distant from each other.

Distribute Vertically & Horizontally

Fixing the spacing between your items could take a long time if you do it using the PPT banner, and we have no intention of letting you struggle at all!

• Select all your columns then press H+ on the keyboard to Increase the spacing, or H- to Decrease it.
• Select all your rows then press V+ on the keyboard to Increase the spacing, or V- to Decrease it.

⤷ This will save you so much time in changing the spaces between your items.

Increase/Decrease Horizontal/Vertical Spacing

Most times, you can’t find the suitable icons for your slide through PPT’s icons, and customizing icons takes forever!
This is why, auxi offers you more than 5 million icons to choose from! 🤯

Yep, you read that right :)

• Hit I to insert icons and E to enclose them in circles for better design. You can press E several times to loop through options.

⤷ Now your slide has a lively touch and a catchy design! 💫

Insert and Enclose Icons

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