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How the Best Consultants Recycle PowerPoint Presentations

How the Best Consultants Recycle PowerPoint Presentations

Changing your presentation's color in bulk is pretty common, especially when a new client asks for their own branding on the deliverables. However, this won’t be efficient at all if you wanna spend time editing one shape at a time!


• Look for Edit Colors in the Smart Bar to change colors of a slide, slide range, or all your presentation.

⤷ Now you don’t have to miss your family’s dinner by editing one shape at a time. You can edit your deck’s colors in bulk! 😍

Edit Colors

We know you like to recycle old slides, it's no secret.

So, we've made it easier for you!

Now you can change a whole deck into the theme of your new client with some simple clicks!

It’s the weekend and you’re finally home, but you need to check the slides deck before sending it to your partner. And that’s how you miss the game you promised to watch with your kid.

auxi will do this for you in a couple of minutes, giving you the precious family time back. ❤️

• Find the Checker using the Smart Bar.
• It checks for double words, multiple spaces, comments, out of scope elements etc., then allows you to delete them all in one go or one by one if you prefer.

⤷ Voila! Your deck’s now ready to be sent to someone important, auxi’s add-in checked it for you with some simple clicks!

The Checker

Like edit colors, you can also edit the font families of your presentation in bulk.

• Search for Edit Font Families in the Smart Bar.
• Select the fonts you would like to change, then choose the new font family that will be replacing them. Easy.

⤷ You don’t have to miss family time anymore; you can edit your deck’s font types in bulk!

Edit Font Families

PowerPoint’s resize is okay, but fails on most corporate slides that have a fair amount of content. We have built our own resize.

• Look for Resize Slides in the Smart Bar, then choose the new slide size you want, and press apply.

⤷ Now your slides finally have the fit size they’ve always wanted! 💅

Resize Slides

We see you’ve been given the crappy task of translating a 200 slide presentation. Yay. But really, good thing you’re here because we got your back.

• Hit L on your keyboard or type Translate into the Smart Bar.
• Choose more than 50 languages to translate from and to.
• This feature supports all types of charts, frameworks, and even third-party add-in charts.

⤷ You can now translate your entire presentation in one click without having to worry about the direction of your slides (e.g., if you translate into عربي).


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