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How to Build a PPT Slide Like a Pro

How to Build a PPT Slide Like a Pro

“How to customize presentation icons in powerpoint?”, you type, then you hit the search button that’ll take you into a never ending pointless trip to find a way to create icons or change their colors. Group, ungroup, insert circle, add freeform, bla bla bla. 😩

Well, auxi offers you more than 5 million icons to choose from! 🤯
Yep, you read that right :)

• Hit I to insert icons and B to enclose them in circles for better design. You can press E several times to loop through options.
• If you’re using auxi icons, you can change them using the Change Icons command in the Smart Bar. It doesn’t replace it with a random icon, but with one that’s related to the same topic!

⤷ Now your slide has a lively touch and a catchy design! 💫

Insert, Change, and Enclose Icons

We love using our keyboard and thought you would, too! This is why we built hundreds of formatting functions that help users build PowerPoint slides with some quick keyboard shortcuts!

We can’t wait till you start building slides twice as fast as before!

In a job like yours, every second matters, and inserting items onto your slide can sometimes be a waste of time. This is why we brought the items to your fingertips! All you have to do now is a couple of clicks to build a whole slide! 🥳

• Use the Insert command to insert any item you want in a click! You can find it in the Smart Bar or through keyboard shortcuts.
• Some examples are:
- U : insert rounded rectangle
- ] : insert chart
- P : insert pentagon
- C : insert chevron
- T : insert text boxes

⤷ This helps you build a full slide with some simple keyboard clicks!


Aligning elements and making sure they have equal spacing between one another is one heck of a task, especially if you’ve been working on the same deck for a couple of hours. So why don’t you check out with us the two keyboard keys that’ll relieve you of that frustration?

• Hit P on your keyboard to add a pentagon, then C to add a couple chevrons. Then, select all your items and hit A + P to Align Process.
• You can also use the Smart Bar to find Align Process.

⤷ Now you can fulfill your musical hobby by playing auxi shortcuts like a musical instrument! 🎼

Align Process

Pentagons, chevrons and arrows are cool, till you ruin one of their angles. Then you have to figure out how to make it the same as the other ones. Not anymore.

• Select the anchor shape first, the shape that has the right angle, then all the other ones that should follow it, then hit A + A to Adjust Angles.
• You can use the Smart Bar to find it as well.

⤷ You don’t have to spend long fixing each angle anymore! Now you can easily adjust shapes' angles.

Adjust Angle

Select, move the cursor up to the ribbon, select Insert, choose a connector, the connector enters the slide like it owns the world, select it and start moving it around to its place. Repeat. 😑

Connectors in PowerPoint are not user friendly unfortunately. Fortunately for you, auxi fixes that!

• Select any 2 shapes, open the Smart Bar and find Connect to connect both items with the best connector and points for the job.
• If you want to swap the direction of the connector, you can also select the connected shapes, and find Swap Ends on the Smart Bar.
• If you want to change the route of the connector, open the Smart Bar again, and use Reroute Connectors.

⤷ Finally! You can replace PowerPoint’s connectors with user-friendly ones.


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