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How to Build Your Own Powerpoint Slide Library in Consulting

How to Build Your Own Powerpoint Slide Library in Consulting

We all know that you like recycling slides, it is not a secret. But it’s a hassle if you wanna keep copying every slide you like into a new PowerPoint file. 😟

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!! 😌

• You can save a slide to use later by hitting \ on your keyboard.
• To populate the slide, hit ;

⤷ Now you can recycle your slides just as you like!

Save slides

Sometimes you spend so long on certain slides that you can’t just let them go by with a one time use! You want to create a slide library of all your unique and important slides, so, auxi makes this very easy for you with several features that you’ll definitely love!

We established that you love saving slides and using them later, but sometimes you’re only proud of a small part, or set of shapes - be it a diagram, a matrix, an image or could be anything else really…

You can now select this item and save it as a snippet!

• Select the part you want, type Save Selection as Snippet into the Smart Bar, and give your snippet a cute name.
• Retrieve your saved snippet onto any other slide with the Insert Snippet command.

⤷ You can now peacefully sleep at night knowing that that small part of the slide you worked so hard on is safe and sound, waiting for you to use it again!

Save and Insert Snippets

At the end of the day - we build slides to share them with other people.
But what if you want to share specific slides only? Will you select those and copy them into a new PPT file every single time? 😅
Well, let me tell you, not anymore.

• Select the slides you are interested in, then search for Email Slides in the Smart Bar or the auxi ribbon.
• You can also start this command by hitting [ on your keyboard.
• After that, choose between PDF and PPT format to get your slides ready to send.

⤷ This will be extremely helpful when you want to share specific slides only from your presentation.

Email Slides

Wanna tell them to pls fx without having to insert a box every time to the slide? We got your back.

• You can find the Stamp through the Smart Bar or using the auxi Ribbon.
• It allows you to choose default stamps or just type in your own.

⤷ Now you can help your colleagues easily understand what type of slide they’re looking at!


I personally hate fixing Agenda slides.. Sounds like a punishment more than a normal task. 😒

Fortunately, we thought of a feature that’ll help us all edit agenda slides in bulk, and save their settings for future use!! 😍

• Look up Agenda Settings in the Smart Bar.
• You can change all colors, fonts, sizes, positions and other characteristics in one place.
• Press on the refresh button for a preview of how your new agenda slide will look like and press on update slides if ready to apply the changes.
• Now if you like these settings so much that you want to save them and use them in the future, you can literally do that!

⤷ Now you can use the agenda settings you’ve saved whenever you want, on whatever PowerPoint deck you want.

Save Agenda Settings

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