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How To Create a Process in PowerPoint

How To Create a Process in PowerPoint

Inserting items onto your slide can sometimes be a waste of time. This is why we brought the items to your fingertips! All you have to do now is a couple of clicks to have your items all ready! 🥳

• Hit P on your keyboard to add a pentagon, then C to add a couple chevrons.

⤷ This saves you the time consuming process of manually inserting shapes to your slide!

Add Chevrons and Pentagons

Process slides help the audience understand the starting point, the most important steps, and the final step. So, the clearer your process is, the more successful your workflow.

And because your success is important to us, we compiled the best PowerPoint tips that’ll help you create well-aligned and tidy processes.

Check ‘em out!

Aligning elements and making sure they have equal spacing between one another is a tiring task, especially if you’ve been working on the same deck for a couple of hours. This is why we came up with a simple shortcut that will make creating processes a piece of cake from now on!

• Select all your items and hit A + P to Align Process.
• You can also use the Smart Bar to find Align Process.

⤷ Now you can fulfill your musical hobby by playing auxi shortcuts like a musical instrument! 🎼

Align Process

Shapes are cool, till you ruin one of their angles. 😩

auxi is here to fix that! 🦸‍♂️

• Select the anchor shape first, the shape that has the right angle, then all the other ones that should follow it, then hit A + A to Adjust Angles.
• You can use the Smart Bar to find it as well.

⤷ You don’t have to spend long hours fixing each angle anymore! Now you can easily adjust shapes' angles.

Adjust Angle

Usually, processes are on one axis and equally distant, nearly making Alignments and Distributions the most used features when tidying a process.

So we thought, nothing would be better than combining both features into one!

• Use the Smart Bar to run the Align Top Then Distribute Horizontally command.
• The anchor shape concept applies here. Select the shape you want the rest to follow first. ⚓️

Align Top Then Distribute Horizontally

After finalizing your process, you might want to decrease or increase the horizontal spacing between your items.
We got you! 😌

• Select all your columns then choose the Increase Horizontal Spacing feature to part your items apart.
• Or, select all your columns then choose the Decrease Horizontal Spacing feature to get them closer.
• You can also press H+ on the keyboard to Increase the spacing, or H- to Decrease it.

⤷ This will save you so much time in changing the spaces between your items.

Increase/Decrease Horizontal Spacing

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