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How to Work With PowerPoint Text Boxes Like a Consultant

How to Work With PowerPoint Text Boxes Like a Consultant

- How people add PPT textboxes: Go to Insert Tab, click Text Box. As a shortcut, press Alt + N to go to the Insert tab and then Alt + X to create a text box. (… we need a shortcut to this shortcut 😅)

- How auxi users add PPT textboxes: Hit the T key. 😎

⤷ With one click, a textbox is instantly inserted to your slide!

Add Textbox

There is no stronger bond than that of a consultant and PowerPoint, as it is the means of communication that helps consultants sell their ideas, advice, and expertise. And even though you’re not selling a product, you still need to worry about the packaging, which is a PPT file.

And as we all know, being in a serious relationship means spending so much time with one another, so might as well make this time bearable and easygoing!

Here are some easy tips for PPT features that earn consultants a lot of peaceful work time.

Like any couple. Space could be a problem or a solution :)

On a more serious note, you can now Merge Textboxes into one with a simple step!

• Select all the textboxes you need, starting with the one you want on top, then ‘Merge Textboxes’ through the Smart Bar.
• For a shortcut, you can just hit . + T on your keyboard.

⤷ Ship your textboxes together like a lovely matchmaker.

Merge Textbox

You’re working fast and you barely have time, then you find yourself in front of one big ugly textbox. So messy and full of words! 😩 And now you have to copy each sentence you want alone, insert a new textbox, and paste it in there. Repeat, until you add each text to its right textbox.

Not anymore! 😎

• Split textboxes by placing the cursor where you want them to part ways, then type ‘Split Textbox’ in the Smart Bar.

⤷ Let your new textboxes enjoy the single life while you enjoy the struggle-free splitting you did!

Split Textbox

How to swap shapes. Cut and paste, copy and paste, and lose one shape on the way? Yeah… No.

• Select 2 shapes you would like to swap, then hit / on your keyboard.
• You can also run this command by typing ‘Swap Shapes’ in the Smart Bar or using the auxi banner.

⤷ Everyone’s settled in their right place now. Good for them 😌

Swap Shapes

What if you want to only swap the text content and keep the shapes? We got you covered.

• To swap the text content inside your shapes or textboxes, hit Ctrl + /
• You can also use the Smart Bar for this command by typing in ‘Swap Text’.

⤷ Your text is doing well in life, finally settling in its right place!

Swap Text Content

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