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Are You Ready for Consulting? Here’s How to Tell.

Are You Ready for Consulting? Here’s How to Tell.

Being ready for entering the consulting world doesn’t just depend on case interviews and courses you take. Here is what you need.

1. Emotional Professionalism:

  1. It is about being able to relate to clients, coworkers, or managers, whilst maintaining professional relationships with them.

  2. As a professional, you’re not immune to feelings and expressions such as anger or sadness. You maintain emotional professionalism when you can express your feelings without crossing the main standards of respect and civility.

  3. This relates to the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace. High levels of EI help you collaborate better with others, manage your and others' stress, and resolve workers conflicts that may affect the workflow.

2. Team Playing:

  1. Being a team player is about actively contributing to your team by completing the tasks assigned to you, meeting goals, being dependable, and being of direct help in projects when it comes to your area of expertise.

  2. Trust is very important in team playing, and it goes both ways. Just as your co-workers or managers trust you, you need to trust them too for the team to work well.

  3. Good consultants actively listen to their coworkers, respect their ideas, are receptive to team feedback, and aim to improve themselves.

3. Creative Curiosity:

  1. Whether in a position, your first job, or even your first date, settling is mostly bad. Never settle, especially in your beginnings. Thrive for more and don’t be afraid of trying, taking risks, and exploring!

  2. Continually challenge yourself and try to come up with new ways to look at things – new views make for new and better solutions!

4. Quick organized thinking:

  1. Consulting requires consuming, understanding, and analyzing large amounts of information. Being a distorted thinker can be a real problem in the consulting world.

  2. Making quick decisions is a huge part of being a consultant. Such decisions can’t be made quickly unless you’re an organized and quick thinker who has done their work well and studied everything related to the project or task they’re working on.

5. Multitasking:

  1. Multitasking is one of the most important skills that a consultant should have. It helps in being more efficient and finishing more work in less time.

  2. Being a multitasker has some good effects on the personal level. It makes you feel more accomplished because you can finish several tasks at the same time, especially that time is a very important asset in the day of a consultant.

  3. The feeling of productivity that comes with multitasking encourages you to do more work and increases your motivation to keep going!

Now that you’ve checked out these skills, do you think you have what it takes to be a management consultant? If so, take a look on other Appendix posts for helpful tips regarding the world of consulting!


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