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auxi Tuesday Tips #3

Yooo! It is Tuesday Tips Time.

Time to hit you with the best PPT hacks and some auxi stacks.

As always - the Golden Rule: Hit CTRL + SPACE to open up the smart bar.

Let's get started.

1. Connections.

  • Select any 2 shapes, open the Smart Bar and find Connect to connect both items with the best connector and points for the job.

  • If you want to swap the direction of the connector, you can also select the connected shapes, and find Swap Ends on the Smart Bar.

  • If you want to change the route of the connector, open the Smart Bar again, and use Reroute Connectors.

⤷ Finally. It is now easy to connect shapes on PowerPoint.

2. Edit Colors.

  • Look for Edit Colors in the Smart Bar to change colors of a slide, slide range, or all your presentation.

⤷ Now you can edit your deck’s colors in bulk!

3. Align Process.

  • Hit P on your keyboard to add a pentagon, then C to add a couple chevrons. Then, select all your items and hit A + P to Align Process.

  • You can also use the Smart Bar to find Align Process.

⤷ Now you can fulfill your musical hobby by playing auxi shortcuts like a musical instrument! 🎼

4. Resize Slides.

  • Look for Resize Slides in the Smart Bar, then choose the new slide size you want, and press apply.

⤷ Now your slides finally have the fit size they’ve always wanted! 💅

5. Make Same Size, Width, and Height.

  • Resize items to have the same height, width, or both.

  • S + S for Make Same Size

  • S + H for Make Same Height

  • S + W for Make Same Width

  • You can use the Smart Bar to find the above commands as well.

  • The anchor shape concept applies here - select first the shape that has the size you like, then select the remaining ones to follow.

⤷ Voila! All shapes will be resized to the anchor’s width and/or height. ↔️ ↕️


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