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How Should I Rock My Entry Level Job as a Management Consultant?

Looking forward to a successful career in management consulting?

I’m here with the most important practical tips to help you take your first steps on the road to success! Check them out:

0. Be decent.

Most of the advice that will help you make it in the beginning of your consulting job have to do with networking and being likable. So, if you start your journey in a bad way, like betraying the trust of someone to get ahead of them, being obnoxious, etc., you will not succeed.

Be smart, charming, and simply: decent.

1. Do your work well. On time.

Properly executing tasks is the main reason that can make you of worth the investment for your firm. I know it sounds harsh but we’re talking facts here. I mean why would anyone keep you if you can’t help in keeping their workflow on track? If your manager can't trust you to hit deadlines, they don't need you.

Your work should be done well in a detail-oriented manner. But that alone is never enough if you don’t make that on time!

2. It is okay if you don't know. It is not okay if you don't ask and learn.

Don’t think I'm talking about the first two months. This applies to most of your consulting career. My advice is you accept this fact and get comfortable with it – the right way. How? You should start learning when and how to ask the right questions to the right people.

This is one of the most valuable skills you can have as it will help you stay sane 😅.

3. Make your manager's life easier.

If you’re decent, do work well and on time, and keep learning to get better, your manager will start to trust you. Once that happens, you can easily start finding ways to make their life better.

How? Take on more responsibility, help your team members and other coworkers, don’t ask too many questions – try to watch and learn so you can take some load off their plate.

Why? They will start liking you and you’ll become the new fav before you know it!

Ok, why should you care about that? Oh, come on we all know you’re dreaming of getting promoted before the year ends! 😌

4. Say NO.

Keep in mind that you have a limited amount of time to work, sleep and have a life. Yes, you should have a life, shocker, eh? The problem is that as a new consultant, you tend to give your all. And while you think that that would make your managers fond of you, your own body is hating you. Ah also, your overworking habits will even ruin your plans to get promoted.

I’ll explain.

  1. Saying yes to every task means you’re giving up your sleep, family, and you time. If something is not worth the time to do, push it back on the client or manager.

  2. The more you say yes, the worse you feel. The better the feel, the better you perform.

  3. You might come across as someone who needs managers to tell them exactly what to do vs. someone who can own an entire project and make up their own decisions on paths forward. You will need to prove you got this before becoming a manager.

5. Use the resources provided to you.

Many consulting firms have helpful resources that you can make great use of. This includes research options, slide making, and much more! Get comfortable using these resources and make sure you also learn from the experienced people around you.

Follow these tips to find success at your job while actually having a life!


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