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Top 10 New PowerPoint Hacks For Consultants

Remember my previous Appendix post on 11 PowerPoint hacks for consultants?

Guess what?! I’m back with 10 new PowerPoint hacks that are going to make your consulting workdays a lot easier!!

Let the fun begin ^_^

Ah before we start, keep in mind that you can access the smart bar using CTRL + Space. You can also find some of the features in the auxi tab on the PowerPoint banner if you prefer.

1. Swap Text.

  • Select two items – shapes or text boxes – then choose “Swap Text” through the smart bar.

⤷The texts that are inside the 2 selected items will get swapped.

2. Matrix.

  • Select all the shapes you want inside your matrix, open the smart bar, then type and select “Matrix”.

  • Choose how you want your matrix to look like from the table that appears.

⤷ Voila! Matrix aligned and done in nearly no time.

3. Align Left or Right.

  • Select all the items you want to align, then choose “Align Left” or “Align Right” through the smart bar. You can also find these features in the auxi tab on the PPT banner.

  • First shape you select is the anchor ⚓️

⤷ Have your items aligned to one side, they deserve the care 💅

4. Make Same Height.

  • Select the item with the targeted height, then select other items that you want to change to the height you like.

⤷ All items are now the same size...

5. Distribute Vertically.

  • You have a set of rows. Have the first and last rows on the two extremities you want.

  • Select all the rows then choose “Distribute Vertically” through the smart bar or the auxi tab.

⤷ Have your rows equally distant from each other.

6. Increase or Decrease Vertical Spacing.

  • Select all your rows then choose the “Increase Vertical Spacing” feature for social distancing purposes.

  • Select all your rows then choose the “Decrease Vertical Spacing” feature because the pandemic is over!

⤷ This will save you so much time in changing the spaces between your items.

7. Split Textboxes.

  • Place the cursor on the place you want to perform the split at, then choose the “Split Textboxes” feature.

⤷ Let your textboxes enjoy their new single life while you enjoy the struggle-free splitting you did!

8. Merge Textboxes.

  • Select the item you want to begin your merged textbox with, then select the other items. Choose “Merge Text”.

⤷ You now have a new cute textbox that includes all your baby textboxes 💞.

9. Adjust Angle.

  • Choose the shapes you want to change the angles of then type “Adjust Angle” in the smart bar. The first shape you choose is the anchor.

⤷ Have the arrow angle of your selected shapes to be the same as the first shape you chose.

10. Copy Shape Type.

  • Select the item you liked the shape of, then continue selecting the other shapes you want to change. Choose “Copy Shape Type” from the smart bar.

⤷ All your shapes are wearing the same now. No sibling jealousy from now on 🤗.


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