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auxi Tuesday Tips #1

AAAAND we’re back with 7 more PPT hacks to make your workdays more enjoyable!!

As usual, here's our Golden Rule: You can access the smart bar using CTRL + Space. You can also find some of the features in the auxi tab on the PowerPoint banner if you prefer the mouse.

Now let’s get started!

1. Make Same Size.

  • Select the shapes you wish to resize. The first selected shape is the anchor.

  • Type ‘Make Same Size’ in the auxi smart bar or just press S + S on your keyboard.

⤷ All shapes will be resized to the anchor’s width and height. ↔️ ↕️

2. Add or Delete Column Without Resizing.

  • Remember our magical Add/Delete column feature? This is similar but when you have enough space to add a column without the need to resize everything.

  • Select your columns then open auxi’s smart bar using Ctrl+Space. Type in the command you want: Add/Delete Column Without Resizing.

⤷ Voila! You have a new cohesive column that is automatically well positioned and distributed.

3. Add Right Key Takeaway.

  • Make a selection over the items you want to add a key takeaway for, then type in the smart bar the following command: ‘Add Right Key Takeaway’.

  • You can also press Control + 4 on your keyboard for the same result.

⤷ Now you have the perfect space to add a key takeaway.

4. Align Middle.

  • Select all the shapes you want to align to the middle side, first shape you select is the anchor ⚓️

⤷ Now the middle child doesn't feel left out. Pun intended.

5. Distribute Horizontally.

  • Have the first and last columns on the two extremities you want, then select all the columns and choose “Distribute Horizontally” through the smart bar or the auxi tab.

  • You can also use the keyboard shortcut for this by pressing on D + V.

⤷ Now your columns are equally distant from each other.

6. Increase or Decrease Horizontal Spacing.

  • Select all your columns then choose the “Increase Horizontal Spacing” feature for social distancing purposes.

  • Select all your columns then choose the “Decrease Horizontal Spacing” feature for your shapes to love each other.

  • You can also press H and + on the keyboard to Increase the spacing, or H and - to decrease it.

⤷ This will save you so much time in changing the spaces between your items.

7. Align Center.

  • This is the twin sister of ‘Align Middle’, but you can use this one when your items are more vertical.

  • Select your anchor shape then select other shapes. Choose the ‘Align Center’ command through the smart bar or just press A + C on your keyboard as a quick shortcut.

⤷ Now all your items are aligned to their center in a vertical manner.


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