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auxi's products rely on the GOATs of security and reliability, to ensure data compliance, manage accessibility and optimize readiness.

BETA Partners

auxi's products grew up around teams in more than 80 companies through our accelerate beta program. auxi's machine learning models have built more than 1,000,000 slides so far for teams in 6 of the top 10 consulting firms. (According to 

Build Slides Faster.

The smartest PowerPoint add-in on the market

See auxi in action

Plans & Pricing

Choose a Plan that works for you


$29.99 USD/mo

auxi Bar

auxi Translate

AI Alignment Functions

The Checker

Agenda Maker

Alignment and Space

Reuse Functions

Design Functions

Cancel Anytime


Billed at $29.99 per user


All AI features, enterprise level security and compliance

Everything on Pro yearly

AI Recommendations

TB Recommendations

Sketch to PowerPoint

IT & Security Assessments 

Dedicated Support

Slide Cloud Storage

Custom Deployment

Custom Projects & Features

Training Workshops


$24.99 USD/mo


Billed at $299.99 per user

Everything on Pro monthly

2 FREE Months

Yearly Billing


auxi allows you to build slides twice as fast as before. In addition to our state of the art features, we have redesigned the most used PowerPoint functions from the ground up to enhance productivity, speed and usability. 


auxi was designed around analysts who spend more than 6 hours a day building slides. We know how it feels to be stuck with mundane tasks on a Friday night, and thrive to make it up to you with a gamified experience. auxi makes building slides an enjoyable experience. 


auxi is composed of several advanced, and proprietary machine learning models that support features such as AI & TB Recommendations, the auxi bar, auxi translate and sketch to PowerPoint... Our neural networks have been trained on millions of slides built since our founding, and keep learning from daily usage. 


For us, software is art. We analyzed keyboard and mouse movements from our trial programs to position features, buttons and keyboard shortcuts. Building slides on auxi should feel like playing a musical instrument. 

Not just another add-in

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